We specialize in helping North American brands and businesses tailor and adapt their communications to resonate with Northern European audiences. 

We do this via:

  • High-quality translation/localization by in-country teams
  • Technologies for efficient language management
  • An established record of leadership in Nordic region language services
  • Strong partnerships to ensure sourcing for every need

Meet your transcreation specialists for Northern Europe

Effective multicultural communication goes beyond translation. You need true cultural understanding—a specialist’s ear and eye for language and nuance—to ensure your messages resonate with your audiences.

When you’re doing business in Northern European countries, that transcreation specialist is InterverbumUSA.

With a heritage going back more than 120 years, we’re one of the Nordic market’s leading language management companies. We apply our unique capabilities and knowledge of Northern European markets to help you communicate more precisely, maximize your communication investments and protect your global brand image.

Coming to Sweden with an American product? We can help you cut time to market. Interested in launching your technology in Finland and Denmark simultaneously? We’re here to bridge the gaps smoothly—so that you can call every Nordic market your home market.

You can contact us at any time