Nescit Translation is not your ordinary translation company. Our focus is transcreation, i.e. the translation of sales and marketing material.

Marketing material differs from other translation material in that it often contains elements unique to a culture. These elements include ideas, puns, cultural references, layout preferences, imagery, coloring, and connotations. There is a lot of nuance and creativity that go into creating marketing pieces, and as the name suggests, transcreation stresses adaptation of all of these elements to make a message meaningful to a particular audience: trans+creation=”across” creation, or “beyond” creation. Creation across borders or beyond borders if you will.

Transcreation also encompasses the linguistic evaluation of potential brand names and tag lines across multiple markets.

Transcreation is similar to asking someone to rewrite something you have written but in their own words. In this case, the words are in a different language and the writer reconstructs the message emphasizing the facts that are most important to a reader in the target language.

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